Monday, March 24, 2014

Save the Date for Law Start II

By Stephanie, Admissions Counselor

In just under two months, Loyola will host part two of our successful Law Start Program! This two-day event will be held on campus on May 19th and 20th. Students will receive a more in-depth experience of what law school is really like, as well as helpful feedback from some of our most experienced faculty members.

On day one, students will be welcomed to campus by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Helen Albertson. After her introduction, Professor Cindy Archer will lead the first part of "Effective Note-taking" followed by a mock law school lecture led by Professor Gary Craig.   There will also be small break-out sessions between lectures. Participants will have the opportunity to work in small groups of 10 with a faculty member to further discuss details of cases presented in lecture. This is a great way for students to interact with law professors and to receive constructive feedback on their ideas and their work.  Students will be asked analytical questions on material, representative of the Socratic Method, and will be advised on ways they should interpret legal language.

Day two will further develop the activities from day one. This includes a lecture on Introduction to Legal Analysis and Application and the second part of the mock law school lecture. Professor Archer will then present a lecture on the Application of the Law and Hypotheticals. Participants will then be given a mock exam which they will later have the opportunity to review in their small groups with a professor. The event will finish off with a reception hosted by faculty members and other members of the Loyola community.

Law Start II is an excellent program that introduces students to the dynamics of law school. The cost of this program will be $500. Priority will be given to our admitted students. The cost of the program will be credited toward tuition if the student chooses to matriculate at Loyola. More information will be available to anyone interested in the coming weeks.  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Latino Preview Day at LLS

By Nancy, Associate Director of Admissions

Over the past few months (or years) you have worked so hard to prepare your law school applications – and now that you have been admitted, it is time to celebrate!  Getting into law school is a huge accomplishment and you should be very proud.  In addition to the celebration, now is a great time to visit the schools you are considering to get a better sense of the community you will be a part of.  One of our student organizations, La Raza de Loyola, is graciously sponsoring Latino Preview Day on Saturday, March 22nd.   There will be a Latino panel which will be a great opportunity to ask questions about being a law school student at Loyola.  You will have a chance to meet with current faculty, students and alumni.  I hope I will get to see you at Latino Preview Day!

Latino Preview Day
March 22, 2014
Latino Panel – 3:00pm – 5:00pm (Loyola Law School Campus)
Dinner & Drinks with Alumni: 5:30pm – 9:00pm (Guelaguetza Restaurant)
RSVP with Roshell Amezcua at

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Byrne Trial Team Wins Regional Championship!

By Stephanie, Admissions Counselor

Last weekend, Loyola’s Byrne Trial Advocacy Teams dominated at the National Trial Competition Regionals. One team was named Regional Champions after going undefeated winning all five of their trials against other Southern California law schools. This is Loyola's 21st regional championship in 26 years.  We will be cheering them on at the National Finals in Austin, Texas next month for our eighth national championship!

The Byrne Trial Advocacy Team is a mock trial team where second, third, and fourth-year students have the opportunity to receive individualized training in trial advocacy while receiving units for their participation. Students are trained to conduct all aspects of a jury trial including opening statements, direct examination, cross examination, closing arguments, and evidentiary arguments to a judge. Tournaments involve both civil and criminal cases.

The incredible success of our students is the result of our dedicated faculty, staff, and alumni that coach each team member. This emphasis on skills training prepares our students for success in a competitive job market after graduation.

Monday, February 10, 2014

What does the priority deadline mean, and can I still apply to Loyola?

By Ja'Nelle, Admissions and Financial Aid Counselor

Since the passing of the February 3, 2014 priority deadline for full time applications, the Admissions Office has gotten many inquiries about what that date really means for prospective students.  Below are a few of the more popular Qs with As.

I did not submit my application on or before February 3, can I still apply to the day (full-time) JD program?
Yes, you are still able to submit your application!  Though February 3 was the priority deadline, Loyola accepts applications on a rolling basis through the admissions cycle.  I would recommend that serious applicants turn in their completed application before March 2014.

What does the priority deadline signify?
As the name implies, applications received by the deadline will have priority in our review process.  Applicants submitting after the February 3, 2014 should be aware that the process becomes more competitive as a large number of seats will have been filled by applicants who met the deadline.

What if I took the February LSAT, what happens to my application then?
Loyola does accept the February LSAT score. However, for applicants applying to the Day program we caution that by the time we receive February scores, a large number of seats will have been filled; therefore, it can be more competitive for the remaining seats. For applicants applying to the evening program, there is no disadvantage to taking the February test, as the priority deadline is not until April.

I’m applying to the evening (part-time) program, but the application online has a deadline of February 3.  Did I miss my chance?
No, the priority deadline for Evening JD applicants is April 15, 2014.  Because all applicants use the same online application, you will see the February 3, 2014 priority deadline noted.

If you have any additional questions about the process, please visit our FAQ page, email us at, or call us at 213-736-1074.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Loyola Law School Sets the Bar High

By Sarah, Assistant Director of Admissions

Have you heard?  Loyola graduates had an impressive 87% pass rate for the July 2013 California Bar Exam!  This is the third highest pass rate in the state!

Loyola Law School's commitment to academic excellence in the classroom is just one of the many ways we help prepare students for success. In addition to the traditional coursework that lays the foundation for critical thinking in the legal field, Loyola students can choose from 325 elective courses to study a vast array of topics that suit their interest.  For those who have honed a specific area of interest, Loyola offers subject-matter Concentrations to provide specialized skills and knowledge through a structured academic program that includes hands-on practical experience.

Loyola Law School offers excellent courses during the day and evening hours. Take a look at the current course schedule to see what our students are studying right now!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Yes, even Fashion Law!

By Jannell, Assistant Dean of Admissions

Loyola’s newest Fashion Law Project received recent attention from the blog, Fashionista. Maybe not as well known in legal circles, Fashionista is the magazine of the industry (think New York Times or Wall Street Journal.) The magazine announced the launch of Loyola’s academic center in Fashion Law. It serves an industry that has a $60 billion impact on the economy and is the only one of its kind in the western United States. (Now, that is WSJ worthy!) Students will take courses from high known ‘players’ in the market like True Religion® General Counsel, Deborah Greaves and focus on industry related issues and areas (like contracts as it relates to celebrity endorsements and intellectual property.)

This program, along with Loyola’s 12 other Concentrations and more than 300 course offerings is what makes Loyola different – students can study in traditional areas like trial advocacy or booming legal industries like healthcare law. It is probably fair to say that if you have an interest, Loyola offers a course in this area. From early on, first year students take advantage of these classes and ‘preview’ different legal specialties. Our first-year electives are uncommon in law school. Some students find their law school interests narrows to one field; others will continue to explore many fields, never settling on one area.  

We’re proud of this breadth and depth and the critical and practical opportunities that go alongside (learn more about our centers and clinics). Whether you become a law ‘specialist’ or ‘generalist’ —you can take confidence that just like our recent Fashion Law Project, Loyola will excel at providing you with a top-notch legal education and cutting-edge curriculum. You’ll be prepared to practice in almost any field (and you’ll probably be dressed to the nines while doing it.)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

PILF Auction and Casino Night 2013

By Stephanie, Admissions Assistant

This past semester, I had the pleasure of attending Loyola’s Public Interest Law Foundation’s (PILF) Auction and Casino Night. PILF is a non-partisan, student-run organization which fosters the careers of students dedicated to providing assistance to those traditionally underrepresented in the legal system. This student-run organization hosts various events throughout the year in an effort to give back to the community while also helping Loyola students gain practical experience in the field of public interest. Every October, they put together the Auction and Casino Night which is the largest event on campus. Over 600 people attended this year’s event auctioning nearly 200 items with all of the proceeds going to support PILF’s Summer Fellowship Grant Program. This program is designed to fund public interest grants for law students whose summer internships at non-profit organizations would otherwise be unpaid. PILF’s events are also a great way for students, staff, faculty, and alumni to network while supporting this worthy cause. Below, you will see a few pictures taken at this fun-filled event!  

Loyola has always demonstrated a strong commitment to public interest law since it first opened. Our Public Interest Law Department oversees various programs aimed at assisting students who want to pursue careers in public interest. This includes additional scholarship opportunities, post graduate fellowships and general guidance. If public interest is something you see yourself pursing, I would highly encourage you to explore the various opportunities at Loyola!